Hotfix 1 Update Edit

On Tuesday 5th April 2016, the first minor bug fix (1.0.7) was released for the game.

This update included fixes for the following issues:

  • Goofy the Brave (aka Defeating Pete) Quest
  • Put an End to This (aka Defeating Zurg) Quest
  • Not Receiving Daily Login Rewards

For the defeating villain quests, if you were at 4/5 OR 5/5 progress in defeating either Pete or Zurg before the update, you will be shown the cut scene and be able to go further in the game.

For the Daily Login Rewards, they will start over from whenever you stopped receiving them. For example, if you stopped receiving the rewards since Day 3, the Daily Rewards will resume from Day 3.

As a quick note, you may see the Daily Login Rewards message pop up behind another visual menu like the Parades or the Welcoming Characters sections. To fix it, close and re-open the game, which should correct itself when you log back in.